GTK Estate Version 0.3.0 Released

GTK Estate Version 0.3.0 has been released with the following change notes:

  • Cleaned up
  • Removed a bunch of old code.
  • Updated the Corlib RefCell borrowing macros in the state_containers module.
  • Cleaned up TimeOut, updated its Corlib macro imports and added a generic state field.
  • Added a state object and related methods to SimpleTimeOut.
  • Added a “state” method to TimeOut which returns a reference to its state object.
  • Removed the gtk_estate.code-workspace file and added it to the .gitignore.
  • Cleaned up SimpleTimeOut and renamed the field “function” to “on_time_out_fn” as well as “set_function” to “set_on_time_out_fn”, “has_function” to “has_on_time_out_fn”, “remove_function” to “remove_on_time_out_fn” and “remove_function_only” to “remove_on_time_out_fn_only”.
  • Added a getter for “interval”, so you can get the set interval for the SimpleTimeOut.
  • StateContainers is now lazily loaded.
  • Updated the documentation of TimeOut and added an interval getter method to it.
  • Updated the readme
  • Added try_find_parent and find_parent functions to the widget_ext helpers module.
  • Updated the Corlib dependency to v0.3.0.
  • Added documentation build configurations to the cargo.toml and files.
  • Updated the StateContainers documentation.
  • Directly exposed the time_out module contents in