GTK Estate Version 0.2.0 Released

GTK Estate Version 0.2.0 has been released with the following change notes:

  • Updated dependencies (gtk4 to "0.8." adw to "0.6." and corlib to "0.2.0")
  • Re-wrote GTK Estate to be focused around widget adapters and glib Type bucketing.
  • Added should_flow and should_continue functions to the diy module for conversions between the ControlFlow and bool types.
  • Made libadwaita (adw) an optional dependency.
  • Implemented feature flags for the gtk4 and adw dependences.
  • Added AdwApplcationWindowState, AdwWindowState and GtkWindowState.
  • Removed some old enums ( and
  • Fixed crate homepage URL.
  • Added a FUNDING.yml file, specifying my GitHub account.
  • Added scs_set_app and scs_add macros for quickly setting and adding Application and Widget state.
  • Added a set_margin_sides_and_bottom helper function.
  • Updated the
  • Added “#![doc = include_str!("../")]” to the top of
  • Added documentation to the objects defined in
  • set_state_containers will now only set the provided state containers object if the static STATE_CONTAINERS object is invalid.
  • Added a file.