About Me

Paul Saunders

I am a software developer who is enthusiastic about the Rust programming language. Over the past decade and a half I have accrued experience using the C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and SQL programming languages and began learning the Rust language in 2020 because I wanted to use the Bevy game engine and produce fast and efficient software.

In May of 2022 I took a break from contracting to focus on some personal projects that I wanted to work on. I recently open-sourced these projects:

In-memory type-namespaced key value storage with GraphQL

Req It
A graphical multi-tab HTTP client

Escape It Lib
Converts white-space characters into their escaped versions in provided Strings

Escape It
Converts white-space characters into their escaped versions in provided Strings (GUI)

Gtk Estate
A GTK and libadwaita state association library

Pretty Goodness
String to String prettification

Simple Unix Time Outputer
A gtk_estate example application that displays the current Unix timestamp at the centre of a window.

Act Rs
An actor library

Corlib is a various ideas library.

Please have a look at my Github profile and search crates.io to learn more about these projects.

During this time I also created and deployed my website: coruscateor.com.

I will return to learning the Bevy game engine, however this has taken a back seat to my other projects as I felt that Rust needed some attention in certain areas which are addressed with the projects I’ve listed above.

I am someone who is used to working alone, but I also like the idea of collaborating with others to get things done. I enjoy taking the time to learn how to do things properly, reaping the benefits of my hard work and sharing what I’ve learned and produced with other people.